Friday, October 26, 2007

An Interview With Libby About Eating Out In Boston

Ever wondered what it is like to be a real restaurant critic?

As usual I found this quirky article while surfing the Internet. Although it is a bit old since it was written in 2005, I still believe the content is relevant. In "The Secret Life of a Restaurant Critic" Alison Arnett of the Boston Globe answers such perplexing questions as: "How do you stay thin while being a restaurant critic? and Who pays for the food that you eat in the restaurant?" I have always pondered these questions myself. It seems to me that if you went out to restaurants several times a week you would be as big as a house. But, no Arnett clarifies this for us by explaining that restaurant critics only take one or two spoonfuls of the meals they are so often served. This is a great article to read to learn about the inside track of the restaurant critic world.
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